Jul - 11 - 2014

We send our militant greeting to the struggle in Argentina for the abolishment, cancellation and non–payment of the sovereign debt. The US court decision, in favor of the speculative funds holding Argentina’s bonds (out of which they target super profits even up to 1.600%), is yet another vowing example:

• of the imperialist domination, once again attempted today to be imposed onto the people and the working class internationally,

• of the brutal role played by speculative and parasitic capital, dominant today all over the world. These usurers and speculators (by their firm control over the bourgeois governments) are claiming their “right” for super profit drained from the veins of the economy, that is, from our jobs, wages, pensions, healthcare etc., from all decent living standards we might have gained with our struggle.

The working class and the people in Greece already have a dramatic experience of this debt burden. Demanding the fulfillment of the “country’s commitments” and its debts payment, the imperialists, the Troika (International Monetary Fund, European Union, European Central Bank) and the rotten greek capitalists and bourgeois government, they all apply the so called “Memorandums”, pacts of historically unprecedented harsh measures regarding wages, pensions, taxation, social spending etc. Similar attacks, under the slogan “we must pay our debts”, are now spreading all across Europe (Spain, France etc.).

Debts like the argentinian one (as well as the greek and that of other countries) have not been caused by the workers and the people. Thus, we hold not even a shred of “responsibility” for them! They were caused exclusively as a result of the functioning of a capitalist system in deep crisis, of running the economy (by bourgeois governments, political forces and cadres) against the real needs and the interests of the big social majority. That’s why we must not recognize this debt, we must not pay not a peso nor a euro for it.

The struggle to cancel the debt, in order not to pay the international usurers and speculators (thus, saving resources for jobs, wages and pensions, education, healthcare etc.), is a vital one for the international working class. It’s an indispensable part of the struggle so that the working class and the people will not burden the weight of the capitalist crisis, which the imperialists and capitalists try to impose on us. A part of the struggle for a workers’ and socialist way out of the mayhem that the rotten capitalist system and its crisis are brutally unleashing all over the world.

In this struggle in Argentina, there must be total independence from governments and institutions like Kirchner’s ones, as well as their servants inside the unions and the movement. These bourgeois try to negotiate with the imperialists for a better fate of their own interests, not for the workers’ and the people’s shake. This way, they actually give more space to the imperialists and speculators outrageous claims and aggression. Its under their rule, too, that so many attacks have been waging against the working class and the people of Argentina, that a crusade of “law and order” is being put to practice to repress the workers’ and popular struggle.

We stand first and above all on the side of the working class and the poor popular strata, of the militants of their organizations, who put their efforts to organize the struggle, to defend the independent, militant character of the unions and the movement. The 2001 Argentinazo, the struggle in Zanon and other factories, the heroic death of comrade Mariano Ferreira, the many workers’ struggles like in Gestamp, the revolts against the privatized electricity etc. – are all points of reference for our struggle as well. We add our voice to yours:

Down with the imperialists’ and speculators’ blackmails! We will not pay for their profits with our blood! Cancel the debt!

We will not become the victims of the capitalist crisis! Fight back, for a workers way out, for Socialism!

Long live the common struggle, the international solidarity of workers, in Latin America, in Europe and all over the world!

Organization of Communists Internationalists - Greece (OKDE), Athens, 7 July 2014 - www.okde.gr; ergatikipali@okde.gr

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