Jun - 26 - 2015

¡ Syriza’s legislators must respect the anti-austerity mandate given to them by the greek people and vote against this treason and for the rejection of the agreements signed with the Troikas slavers!

¡For the rejection of the fraudulent external debt!

¡For the rupture from the EU and the Eurozone, where it’s been proven there are no possible outcome favorable to the workers and people of Greece!

“The alpha and omega of Syriza’s strategy is the negotiation with the EU. Of course, by keeping to the current margins, an iron law is imposed on Syriza: the purely economic, reformist, possibilist solution can only lead to the capitulation to the EU and the IMF, who handle the threads of the current situation.”(“Syriza’s government capitulates to the pressure of the Eurogroup and the IMF” Statement of Socialism or Barbarism International Current, 2/25/2015)

Exactly four months ago, we denounced and foretold in that “Statement” the disastrous consequences the “agreement” Tsipras signed on Febuary 20 with the Troika would have. The lying prime minister, in a speech to the Greek people, presented it not only as a triumph, but also as the end to the austerity and rescues.

Without blinking, Tsipras swore to the Greek workers and people that “on Friday (February the 20th) we made a crucial step, leaving austerity, rescues and the Troika behind… we defeated the plan of the conservative forces on Greece and abroad to smother our country and showed that Europe is a place for negotiation and mutually beneficial commitments”. [Tsipras, in a TV speech the day after “signing” the agreements with the Eurogroup, EFE Agency, 2/21/2015]

The cold hard reality has left this scandalous fraud out in the open. Yesterday Tsipras lied; today he will lie a lot more. Because the Troika (European Comission+Central Bank of Europe+IMF) not only brought him to his knees, but now he is willing to sign a “third Memorandum” with these vampires. Although it’s not called like that to avoid stirring bad memories, the content would be worse than the previous ones that already sunk the country and its workers in an abyss of misery.

Among the atrocities Tsipras has agreed on, is the new and brutal salary and retirement cutdowns – one of the “red lines” he had sworn and sworn again not to cross -, along with a tax raise in mass consume articles and medications, the privatization of all the docks and airports, etc.

At the expense of the hunger of workers, retired and unemployed people, the virtual closing of hospitals and other measures along that line, the financial capital will continue to leech on the Greek people.

Since his taking office at the end of January, Tsipras has had a main concern, even more important than reaching an agreement with his masters in Berlin an Brussels. The concern of keeping the working and popular masses deceived and utterly demobilized. The flagrant lies he spoke – such as those we quote on his 21th of February speech- aim to keep them in total passivity. ¡Don’t worry! ¡By way of negotiation, the Tsipras-Varoufakis would fix everything with the nice people in Berlin and Brussels!

But we must comprehend those lies not only by themselves. The key –for the greek people but also for the workers across Europe and the youth without future-  is understanding the parameters, the basis of Tsipras’s lying, fraudulent policy. And they are very simple: the Eurozone – i.e Euro itself – and the EU are sacred. Anything can be said or done, except questioning those two.

Chained to those social and political premises, it was impossible to present any real struggle. The EU is not the union of Europe’s people, but a coalition of European bourgeoisies, led by the German and French imperialism… with a diminishing participation by British imperialism. In it, those imperialist vultures, with Germany on its head, rule over the rest. And in that hierarchy of power, nations like Greece are trampled underfoot. They hold a de facto semi colonial status, as is revealed even in the manners in which the masters have been treating its government officials… and not only Tsipras.

As for the euro, it’s the German mark with a different drawing on the paper. That countries like Greece (even Spain, Portugal, Italy and such) abandoned a currency of their own and chained themselves to the euro has been foolishness, even in capitalist terms. But of course, foolishness that gave fabulous profits to many… except to the Greeks and many others across Europe. Without the revolutionary breaking of those chains, the euro first of all, it’s impossible to achieve anything.

The long months of negotiation keeping the Greek people passive by way of lies, have not only been a waste of time and energy. It also took a monumental toll on an already exhausted economy. In that hiatus, Tsipras payed 1800 million euros to the IMF and then proceeded to do nothing to stop the bank run spurred by the provocations of the Troika. Thus, another 4000 million euros vanished.

But, once again, to face that, one would have to intervene the bank system and first of all the Central Bank, breaking the sacred principle of the EU by which the financial capital is a god above all things.

The time for truth has arrived.

But the time of truth has arrived. The “iron law” we mentioned earlier – the purely economic solution, reformist, possibilist, can only lead to the capitulation to the EU and the IMF – is being confirmed.

Besides, above even the economic interests, there was a political interest from the EU and IMF mafia to publicly humiliate Tsipras and Syriza’s government, break it and bring it to its knees. This political factor, in the end, weighed more than anything.

This has been that way, not because Tsipras and his party are revolutionaries (they are not even combative reformists, Chaves style), but precisely because they are not. They went to a negotiation with their hands tied to their backs, abandoning in advance any means of pressure that might implicate the dangerous maneuver of rallying the working and popular masses of Greece to a fighting stance, and calling to other European countries in a similar position to fight as well.

This capitulation policy was not rewarded by the Troika. On the contrary, it saw it could slap Tsipras around without any major consequence, and in doing so, make of it an example for the other reformist questionings of the austerity policies that began to arise in Europe, such as in Spain. In this context, the IMF took the “bad cop” role and Juncker (European Comission) the “good cop” role, even if their differences might as well reflect different interests and small disagreements.

But now the time is running out. There’s a general consensus that in all probability an “agreement” will be met that will imply, as we said, a “third Memorandum” equal or worse than the previous ones. The struggle against this escalade in austerity policy, hunger and misery is today the central political matter in Greece.

With the struggle of the working and popular masses, we must reject any agreement with the Troika. We have to break free from the euro and the EU!

But one thing is signing something in Brussels and imposing it in Athens is another. In the recent days, the ice of passivity has begun to crack.

Several groups have taken to the streets, but there no truly massive mobilization has taken place yet. More so, they represent contradicting programs. One of the demonstrations was, for example, a right-wing demonstration, defending the adhesion to the euro at all cost. Others were from the left-wing sectors, but with positions that ranged from rejection to the EU and Tsipras’s capitulations – the cutback in pensions, for exemple – to a certain critical support for the government, in order to stop the Troika from demanding more.

A decisive political struggle will take place also within Syriza. Recently, 44% of Syriza’s Central Committee voted for a rupture of the negotiations with the Troika, for the stop of payments and for the nationalization of banks. ¿The MPs of those sectors will bow to Tsipras and endorse in the congress the agreement he will probably sign with the Troika? ¿Or will they respect the popular mandate of ending the austerity that benefits the German and French bankers?

By Claudio Testa, Socialismo o Barbarie, 25/06/2015

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