Jul - 7 - 2015

The Nuevo MAS has made an extraordinary election in Cordoba, positioning ourselves as the fifth political force in the province, with over 26 thousand votes and corroborating the definitive installation of our party as one of the most important ones of the revolutionary left. This is demonstrated by some departments’ results such as the Capital’s, and also by our provincial extension in important districts such as Colón (Jesus Maria, Colonia Caroya), Rio Cuarto (the second biggest city in Cordoba) and Union, among others.

We put forth a campaign that expressed an alternative from the workers, the women and the youth perspective, with our candidates Eduardo Mulhall, Anita Paez[1] and Julia Di Santi and Santiago Belizan as Legislators. Our campaign was done from below, having to face millionaire campaigns from the rest of the parties.

Our candidates live the daily life of the “other Cordoba”, the one that suffers the inequality of this system. To all the workers we say that after these elections you’ll find us again in the first line, fighting side by side in every conflict.

We appreciate all the support received and we thank our candidates, those who made the formidable effort of campaigning and the more than 26 thousand voters who decided to choose us.

With this strength and support from the workers, the women and the youth, we set sights on the PASO (Obligatory Primaries) national elections with our presidential formula Manuela Castañeira – Jorge Ayala[2].

Photos from the demonstration against sexist violence on 3 June 2015 at Cordoba


[1] Eduardo Mulhall was a rank and file Union Representative of the automobile industry and is today a Representative of the Teacher’s Union; Anita Paez is a rank and file Union Representative of the Health Worker’s Union.

[2] Manuela Castañeira is one of the leaders of the women’s rights movement in Argentina; Jorge Ayala is a rank and file Union Representative in the tires factory FATE.

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