Jul - 23 - 2015

Tsipras’ government, betraying the popular will expressed in the referendum of the 5th of July, signed a new Memoranda with the creditors that will only impoverish even more the Greek workers and people.  The anti-austerity movement has taken once against the streets against this plan, with strikes and demonstrations.

During the demonstration called for the 15th of July, the Greek police brutally repressed the more than fifteen thousand workers fighting against the vote of the new agreement, at the appeal of ADEDY and of political organizations such as Antarsya. While the police attacked the demonstrators and arrested them, Syriza’s government passed the Memoranda with the support of the PASOK, New Democracy and To Potami.

Fifty people have been arrested and they face charges with sentences going up to three months of prison. Among them, there are two comrades of OKDE-Spartakos: Manthos Tavoularis, bookstores worker and Secretary of Book shops Workers’ Union and Michalis Goudoumas, social worker, member of the Union of Workers of the Foundation for the Child “Pammakaristos”.

We firmly condemn Tsipras’ government repression and we demand the immediate release and the drop of all charges against all the demonstrators arrested the night of the 15th of July. We call for international solidarity not only against the repression, but also with all the struggles against austerity and against the new Memoranda the Greek workers and people.

Manuela Castañeira, feminist movement leader and presidential candidate in the next primary election for the Nuevo MAS, Argentina.

Jorge Ayala, Union Delegate of FATE, tire factory and vice-presidential candidate for the Nuevo MAS, Argentina.

Hector “Chino” Heberling, railroad workers that fought the privatizations in the 90’s, candidate to governor of Buenos Aires for the Nuevo MAS, Argentina.

Maximiliano Cisneros, reinstated worker of Firestone, tire factory, candidate to vice-governor of Buenos Aires for the Nuevo MAS, Argentina.

Eduardo Mulhall, ex Fiat Union Delegate, actual High School Teacher’s Union Delegate, candidate to governor of Cordoba for the Nuevo MAS, Argentina.

Luis Donadio, delegate of the Judiciary Workers Union of Quilmes

Eric Simonneti, delegate of the High School Teacher’s Union of La Plata, Argentina.

Marina Hildago Robles, delegate of the Civil Servant’s Union of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Claudio Presentado, delegate of the Civil Servant’s Union of the Perrando Hospital, Chaco.

Alejandro Kurlat, vice-president of the Students Union of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Victor Artavia, leader of the Nuevo Partido Socialista (New Socialist Party) of Costa Rica.

Jose René Tamariz Corea, Secretary of the High School Teacher’s Union Section 02 and member of the NPS, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Daniela Jimenez, representative of the Students Union of the Economics Faculty, Autonomous University of Costa Rica, and member of the NPS.

Revolutionary group “Praxis”, Brazil.

Socialism or Barbarism Honduras.

Socialist Youth, Honduras.

Alejandro Vinet, member of the Conseil de la Formation et de la Vie Universitaire of Nanterre University and member of the NPA.

Flor Beltran, member of the NPA.

Carla Tognolini, Socialism or Barbarism Spanish State.

Enrique Mosquera, Union Representative of «En Construccion», Telefonica, Spanish State.

Socialism or Barbarism International Current

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