Jun - 20 - 2016

Let’s prevent this horrendous crime from being used by the right wing to promote anti-immigrant racism and islamophobia!

On Saturday night (June 11th) a new massacre occurred in the USA: A shooting in a bar frequented by LGBTI population in Orlando, Florida! It resulted in the death of 50 people and dozens of wounded! On top of being a gay bar, it also was frequented by Latino and African American youth. It all shows the racist and homophobe nature of this barbaric massacre.

From the International Current Socialism or Barbarism we condemn this heinous crime and declare our solidarity with the victims and their families.

The author of the massacre comes from a reactionary hatred towards LGBTI people. The malice of the attack shows the most rotten, racist and homophobe side that characterizes the most conservative and right wing sectors of American society.

But we must not confuse the content of this criminal act –which is that of a homophobe assault– with the ideological coverage that its author, Omar Mateen, a fascist that carried a record of chauvinist violence of which his own ex-wife was a victim, gave to it.

The subsequent statement on the web, attributed to the Islamic State (IS), stating that Mateen was “IS’s soldier” isn’t surprising. The Islamic State is a semi fascist organization, which doesn’t answer to any real cause of the exploited and the oppressed of the Arab world, but which in its actions promotes the most barbaric and obscurantist means and objectives.

In any case, it isn’t clear that any direct connection between the IS and the murderer Mateen exists. This is what Donald Trump, the extreme right wing republican candidate, tries to exploit to avoid the homophobe content of the massacre. In this way, Trump and the majority of the right wing in the USA, Europe and other regions try to encourage racism and islamophobia, which has been the excuse of their military interventions in the Middle East.

This is why it’s crucial not to be confused! This heinous hate crime which motive is of  sexual identity, is looking to be taken advantage of from the right wing in the USA and all over the world by the same people that discriminate and persecute LGBTI people. They are considered “sinners” that deserve to be severely punished: be it in the next life with Hell; or in this world with different degrees of discrimination, and even violent repression.

The republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a shameless homophobe that preaches as a fundamental point of his campaign the abolition of the conquest that was the “equal marriage” law, picks the Orlando massacre as a flag to double his racist hate campaign against the people that practice the Islam. And also against immigrants… getting around the fact that, moreover, the one responsible for the attack, Omar Mateen, was a born American, and that it’s extreme right-wing sectors such as himself, that promote a reactionary “morality” that facilitates this kind of barbaric attack.

Trump is worldwide famous for his anti-Mexican and, in general, anti-Latino racist preach. But the Western press has pointed out less that in his campaign the anti-Latino hate preach went always hand in hand with islamophobia.

This happens in the middle of an international reactionary climate in several countries, where more conservative sectors are moving forward. There are sources of attacks on the working class, the migrants, women’s rights and also on the LGBTI community. Trump in the USA is a part of this phenomenon.

But this reactionary twist and the attacks that come from it are generating a rejection in broad sectors of the working class, women and youth. This begins to express itself in new ways of organization and activist struggle. For example, the strikes in France against the “socialist” work reform from Hollande, or the youth activism in the USA that supports Bernie Sanders. The later, presents himself as a “socialist” presidential candidate…and in opposition to Hillary Clinton, who is a part of the Yankee establishment that brought war to the Middle East and that Obama continued.

In this framework, at the end of June “LGBTI” pride day will be commemorated. With it are remembered the fight and mobilizations started on June 28th of 1969 in the bar Stonewall of New York in protest against the police repression of LGBTI people.

Now, in every country, after this horrendous fact, the commemoration must have a higher political content. Orlando must move us to defend the democratic rights of sexually diverse people, as well as to impede this monstrous crime from being used to foster islamophobia and racism in a worldwide scale.

Statement of the international current Socialism or Barbarism, 13/06/2016

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