Baltimore – A wave of anti-racism demonstrations

Last April 19, a young African American of 25 years old, Freddie Gray, was murdered in the American city of Baltimore. The perpetuators of the...

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By Ale Kur

The reinstatement of 500 workers occurs in a decisive moment in the class struggle

Workers of Mercedes Benz Sao Bernardo do Campo (SP) are a key example for the entire working class that adds to the wave of succeeded...

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Praxis SoB, April 27, 2015

Three stages of racism in the USA – The fable of “post-racial society” falls.

We closed the article on “Ferguson’s rebellion” saying that in the USA “racism isn’t just, not even mainly a “subjective”, purely “psychological” feeling of “spoiled”...

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By Rafael Salinas

We call for an international confluence of revolutionaries, based on the independence of all bourgeois governments

Our international organization has just had its annual meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focusing in the challenges that represent building it in Europe. With the...

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Socialism or Barbarism International Current, Buenos Aires, March 2015

Prosecutors call to demonstrate on the 18 F

«In the face of the 125[1]bill, people went against authoritarianism; now they will go for the truth» (Mario Negri, head of the bloc of UCR...

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Socialismo o Barbarie nº 320, 12/02/2015

Minsk Summit: Another agreement between the higher ups that will leave those at the bottom worse off?

At the closing time of this edition, Wednesday the 11th, -capital city of Belarus- the first meeting of the Summit to reach an agreement of...

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By Elías Saady, Socialism or Barbarism nº320, 12/02/2015

Syriza’s victory – The rejection of austerity must be a lever to mobilise the masses

In the parliamentary elections on January 25, Syriza has won with the 36.34% of votes, being the first minority with 149 MP’s. In second place...

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Socialsm or Barbarims International Current statement, 26/01/2015

The terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo: a reactionary massacre that will play into the hands of islamophobes

This January 7th of 2015, the Charlie Hebdo journal was victim of a true massacre that took 12 deaths and several more wounded. Two men...

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Socialism or Barbarism France, 07/01/2015

Spanish State – The Government of Rajoy withdraws its anti-abortion bill and Gallardón resigns

On December 19th of last year was approved in the Council of Ministers the draft to reform the law of abortion with the significant name...

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Las Rojas - Spanish State, 25/09/14

Ukraine – Defeats of Kiev, negotiations with Moscow and contradictions in the situation

Since our last article about the situation in Ukraine- “The fall of the Malaysia Airlines plane- who benefits from it?” (24/07/2014)[1] – a little over...

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By Claudio Testa, Socialism or Barbarism Nº 303, 04/09/2014

[Argentina] 28 August: An important national strike

This article was written while we were still participating in the third national strike against Kirchner government. It has been a compelling strike; the majority...

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Socialism or Barbarism Journal N°302, 29/08/2014

Truce in the Gaza Strip, elements of analysis

Israel’s political defeat: Its legitimacy as a colonial and racist State is questioned. “…As the occupation of Palestinian territory has dragged on, sympathy has seeped...

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By Elias Saadi, Socialism or Barbarism Nº 302, 29/08/2014

Costa Rica – A campaign for the political and trade union organization of the working class

In the last 12 months, 3,300 layoffs occurred in factories and companies from the private sector, where workers do not have trade unions that serve...

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By Johan Madriz, Prensa Socialista nº 137, 15/09/2014

The unwritten chapters of Lenin’s “What is to be done?” – The building of vanguard organizations in conditions in which the working class is not socialist yet

During a recent tour in Central America there was an extremely rich debate with our comrades in Honduras and Costa Rica. The debate concerned the...

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By Roberto Sáenz, San José, Buenos Aires, July 2014.

Another Zionist genocide in Gaza. Worldwide demos in defense of the Palestinian people! Down with the racist state of Israel!

 . The government of Israel has justified another genocide attack to the Gaza Strip through the undeclared murder of three students from an ultra-Orthodox religious...

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Socialism or Barbarism International Current statement on the Palestinian issue, July 15, 2014